Marta Gabriela Beltramo


Featured at Serendipity Magazine 


My inspiration originates from photos of the Earth's varied topography, the centuries-evolved indentations and protrusions on its surface that enliven and awe. Contemplating the captivating colors and shapes of deltas, rivers, oceans, or rock formations, I begin to reconstruct the earth's surface in my mind. Vivid and powerful, this imagined painting must be released from my mind onto the canvas. So I get into motion. Mixing the acrylic paints to a liquid consistency, I paint and/or pour the mixture directly onto the canvas. The streams of color take over, blending with each other and mutating into vibrant new colors and unique shapes. I then contour these liquid shapes by moving the canvas or using my pipette. As the paint dries, further transformation of shapes and textures occurs. Since the colors I create possess varying densities, their subsequent collisions create surprising patterns and forms that emerge after they dry. Textures become visible in the smooth paint as lumps of thicker paint create patterns within the flow. Similar to the merging streams of color and texture, my biochemist background and inner artist synthesize to produce a unique vision of Earth's natural art.